A Happy New Year = A Happy New You

- Posted on: 06/02/2019 - Hotel with Swimming Pool

Did you start January with a list of goals larger than your weekly grocery list, visit the gym five times in one week but now struggling to go back even once, follow a strict ‘no treats’ diet and now find you've swapped your apple a day for something a bit sweeter?

With the new year comes the pressure to become a fitter and slimmer new you but sometimes the setting of a prepostrous number of goals can result in feeling despondent when half way through the month, you realise you can no longer keep up with an unrealistic routine. To help combat some of the pressure, our fitness experts here at the Castlerosse Health & Leisure Club, have compiled their top tips to help you keep fit & healthy this New Year. 


Try Something New

It’s proven that when we try new things we force our brain to think in a unique situation, simulating further brain activity, creativity and enhanced mood. While gym memberships are a fantastic way to keep fit, some people find it difficult to commit to the monotony of a gym three to four times a week, so we suggest mixing it up with some fun classes. 
Here in the Castlerosse, we offer daily Aqua Aerobics Classes for all our members and guests. Join us for a one-hour class of aerobic endurance and resistance training, incorporating a mixture of aqua zumba, water yoga, aqua aerobics, and aqua jogging…. ready, steady, splash! 

Get Outdoors

Going to the mountain is going home as they say and it seems that the great outdoors can really benefit your fitness levels as well as your overall wellbeing. In fact, exercising outdoors is proven to increase energy and reduce stress as well as giving you that much needed boost of Vitamin D which is essential for a healthy immune system and strong bones. 
Choose from a range of activities including walking, running and hiking to get your heart rate pumping. We know some great routes around the Killarney National Park so don’t forget to ask our friendly team on your next visit to our Health & Leisure Centre!

Get Fit With Friends

Exercise can be a key factor in maintaining a healthy body and mind, however sometimes the thought of pushing your body to the extreme and doing new things can be daunting, on top of the challenge to keep motivated week on week, so getting fit with friends can be a huge help. Furthermore, it has also been proven that the experience of coming together with friends or work colleagues to do something difficult while encouraging one another, can be even more rewarding than the exercise itself. So gather up the gang and get going.....what are you waiting for?

Snuggle Up  

Sleep is an essential part of any fitness or wellbeing routine. It helps to give your body time to recover from exercise, conserve energy for your next workout and build up the muscles used during your routine while also being a key component in producing the growth hormone. When we are younger, this hormone helps us grow and develop but when we are older, it helps us to build lean muscle and repair our bodies after hard workouts. 
Regular exercise also works to improve sleep patterns, increasing the hours we rest and reducing the risk of broken seep. We can’t think of a better reason to get to bed early on these cold Winter nights so snuggle up everyone!

Slow & Steady Wins The Race 

Even with 100% motivation and commitment, it can still be difficult to reach the goals we set for ourselves and sometimes all we need is a little bit of help in the right direction. While long-term goals can sometimes seem out of reach, short-term goals can help us get there. Try to set goals that relate to a weekly routine such as swimming once a week, a fun gym class or meeting friends for a run in the park rather than focusing on how many pounds you need to lose by Friday. 
We offer personal training programmes which can help you to realise your long-term goals and how to get there in the short-term. Enquire at reception for more information.

Get Your 5 A Day  

Of course, getting enough exercise is essential for a healthy body but what you put into your body is just as important. Making sure you get your 5 a day is a pretty good place to start as it can greatly decrease your risk of getting 85% of Adult cancers. Eating fruits like blueberries, raspberries and citrus fruit can combat many minor cold and flu infections while dark green leafy vegtables such as broccoli and kale can also help us build strong bones. Overall, a diet high in fruit and veg is a key factor in weight loss as well as keeping weight off. So throw out those biscuits and stock up those shelves with fresh fruit and veg. 

Preparation Is Key

Successful meal prepping should be a priority in any weight loss or overall fitness programme. Meal planning can ensure you are getting all the nutrients you require to keep up with your fitness programme as well as help with calorie and portion control. It can also make it much easier to avoid unhealthy food choices arising from sudden hunger and lack of time to cook fresh food while also saving you time and money. So stop snacking and get packing folks.

Here's to a happy new you from all the team at the Castlerosse Park Resort! 


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