Learning Outcomes

Baby Level 1 (3 - 8 months) 

  • Safe entry into the pool, both adult and baby 
  • Float on back or surf on front, with movement around the pool, and return to upright position with full adult support 
  • Experience the water's movement around their bodies in different ways
  • Be at ease with water being poured down the back of their head on a clear signal by the adult
  • Using a buoyancy aid swimming with the baby supported on the parent's shoulder/chest 
  • Exiting the pool safely 

Baby Level 2 (8 - 12 months) 

  • Entering the water safely and comfortably with full adult support 
  • Splashing hands and kicking legs in the water, with or without adult assistance
  • Complete a 180 degree turn with full adult support 
  • Move around the pool supported on a woggle whilst on their front, with or without adult support
  • Chase a toy around the pool whilst supported by an adult
  • Make progress to face dips or surface swims 
  • Learning to support self in the water by holding onto parent 
  • Make progress towards holding onto the side, with or without adult support
  • Enter the water from poolside or a large float using a supported or semi-supported seated jump 

Baby Level 3 (12 - 18 months) 

  • Entering the water safely, without support, using swivel entry, responding to the teacher's signals, with support making progress towards no support 
  • Responding to key words e.g splash, kick, hold on, turn, reach 
  • Holding on to the side of the pool without adult support and moving along the wall with or without adult support
  • Swimming around the pool holding onto the adult's back 
  • Enter the water from poolside/large float using a supported or independent seated jump 
  • Make progress towards rotating to parent underwater
  • Learn to balance independently on two short woggles and move around the pool space, with or without support
  • Assisting and encouraging them to hold on to poolside and climb out unaided and to sit and wait for the adult to climb out 

Toddler Level 1 (18 - 24 months) 

  • Listening to the teacher for controlled and safe, supervised entry in to the pool from poolside 
  • Blow bubbles with nose or face at water's surface 
  • Travel on front using woggle with minimal adult support
  • Turn off the wall and push to parent 
  • Turn in a vertical position under the water with or without adult support 
  • Hold onto the wall independently and move up and down the wall with no assistance 
  • Swim short distances between teahcer and adult with their head down 
  • Reach down under the water for sink rings 
  • Kick 5 meters on back using a buoyancy aid wih adult support 
  • Exit the water safely and in a controlled manner with minimal adult support 

 Toddler Level 2 (2 - 2.5 years)

  • Entering the water in a safe and controlled manner whilst responding to the teacher's signals 
  • Clow bubbles with face in the water or below the water's surface 
  • Can show that they can lift their head to breathe in preparation for 5 meters swims, with or without adult support 
  • Roll from front to back without support whilst travelling through the water 
  • Carry out three different floating positions 
  • Push off from the wall on their front in a stramlined position, with or without adult support
  • Swimming on their back with a woggle support and no adult assistance
  • Diving to pick up a sinking object from under the water 
  • Show an understanding of regaining feet from front/back 
  • Exit the water independently in a safe and controlled manner without any support 

Toddler Level 3 (2.5 - 5 years)

Level A 

  • Answering questions on the poolside safely rules  
  • Blowing bubbles into the water with face submerged 
  • Moving through the water whilst on their back, using an alternating leg action for 5m
  • Moving though the water 5 meters on their front, using front paddle action whilst rolling to breathe 
  • Performing two floating positions on their front and back 
  • Performing a push glide from the wall on their front or back, with no support 
  • Attempting a circular action of legs over 3 meters on a woggle 
  • Demonstrating a treading water action with legs, with or without aids 

Level B 

  • Picking up objects from below the water's surface 
  • Push and glide on back, tuck and roll forward to return to poolside 
  • Demonstrate that they can swim 3 meters on front using breaststroke type leg action on a woggle
  • Swim 5meters front paddle 
  • Attempt 3 meters back crawl 
  • Swim 2 meters dolphin leg kick on the front 
  • Demonstrate that they can thread water for 10 seconds 
  • They will be capable and happy to be in the water without a parent
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