Swimming Lessons for Babies & Toddlers

At the Castlerosse Park Resort we are passionate about teaching water safety and lifesaving skills at a pace that is right for your children. Our lessons are child-centred, and our teachers are trained to understand how babies communicate in their pre-verbal period and how best to support their learning in this critical early part of life. Our team are also skilled at seeing when toddlers and older children are ready to progress, and how they learn best. 

Of course, underwater swimming is included in our programme, but it's not the focus of our lessons and most of what happens in our lessons takes place above the water. Lessons include lots of songs and games to ensure your little one loves the time you spend together in the pool, and they develop a life-long love of the water.

Water is a natural enviornment for babies, and the special time that you spend together in the water facilitates bonding and attachment. Attending Casslerosse lessons from an early age familiarises children with water and teaches them vital life-saving skills. Lessons also build strength and co-ordination.

The foundation of our baby-centred lessons is communication and our teachers are trained to understand every baby's non-verbal signals and body language. Each lesson uses developmentally appropriate play activities to aid physical, emotional and social development. We understand that every baby has their own unique personality and we tailor each activity to suit them, based on what they like and dislike. 


View our Learning Outcomes for more information on our Baby & Toddler Lessons  

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